Makemechic is a women’s clothing manufacturer and direct-to-consumer fashion brand based in Los Angeles, California. Founded in 2013 by entrepreneur Michelle Park, Makemechic focuses on creating stylish and affordable clothing produced in an ethical and sustainable manner.

Brand Ethos

Makemechic aims to disrupt the fast fashion model of quick, cheap, disposable clothing that exploits workers and harms the environment. As a social enterprise, Makemechic puts ethics at the core of its manufacturing and business practices.

The brand’s slogan “Look Good, Do Good” encapsulates its mission to make ethical and sustainable fashion accessible to all women. Makemechic demonstrates that style, quality, and fair labor practices don’t have to be expensive.

Sustainable Production

Makemechic produces its clothing in factories with fair wages and safe working conditions verified by third-party audits. The company manufactures locally in Los Angeles to reduce its environmental footprint and support domestic job creation. Makemechic also works closely with its overseas suppliers to ensure fair treatment.

The brand uses eco-friendly materials like recycled polyester, organic cotton, hemp, and Tencel. Makemechic clothes are Oeko-Tex certified free from harmful chemicals and Bluesign certified for sustainable textile production.

Minimal packaging, water-saving technologies, zero waste pledges, and other initiatives reduce environmental impact. Makemechic offsets its carbon emissions to be 100% carbon neutral.

Ethical Business Practices

Makemechic is a certified B Corporation meeting rigorous standards for social and environmental performance and transparency. The company reinvests 20% of profits into social impact programs supporting women in need.

Michelle Park sits on the board of the nonprofit Remake to advocate for garment worker rights. Makemechic endorses Remake’s #PayUp campaign pressuring brands to pay suppliers for completed orders during COVID-19 factory shutdowns.

To further sustainability, Makemechic offers recycled shipping materials, carbon neutral shipping, free repairs, and trade-in credit to keep clothes in use longer.

Fashion-Forward Style The brand’s style balances elegance and playfulness in on-trend silhouettes designed for real women’s bodies. Graphic prints, bright colors, and unique details give clothes versatile flair.

Makemechic clothes come in inclusive size ranges up to 4X. Curvy fit pants, adjustable straps, and thoughtfully engineered proportions flatter diverse figures.

The collections feature dresses, jumpsuits, tops, bottoms, jackets, swimwear, and accessories including:

Direct-to-Consumer Business

Makemechic sells directly to consumers online through its own ecommerce site. Cutting out middlemen distributors and retailers makes high quality, sustainably made clothing affordable.

Customer feedback helps Makemechic rapidly improve its designs and business practices through a transparent process.

Offering clothing exclusively through its website gives Makemechic total control over its brand image. The site provides style advice, brand stories, and other content beyond just selling products.

Promoting Positivity

True to its motto, Makemechic aims to spread the power of women supporting each other. The company champions all women regardless of size or shape and frequently celebrates customers of all backgrounds.

Makemechic clothes appear on plus size models and ethnically diverse women. Michelle Park explains that seeing herself represented in campaigns would have changed her younger self’s view of beauty.

Through ethical manufacturing, inclusive sizing, and diverse models, Makemechic gives all women access to stylish clothing created in a caring way. Makemechic proves sustainable fashion can be innovative, successful, and make the world a little brighter.