A SOC 2 report is an independent third-party assessment that provides assurance on the security, availability, and confidentiality of a company’s systems and data. The report is used by companies to demonstrate their commitment to security and compliance to customers, partners, and regulators.

SOC 2 reports are typically prepared by a qualified CPA firm and include an opinion from the CPA on the effectiveness of the company’s controls. The report is based on the AICPA’s Trust Services Principles and Criteria, which are aligned with internationally recognized standards (e.g., ISO 27001).

SOC 2 reports can be tailored to meet the specific needs of the company and can be used to address specific concerns of customers, partners, or regulators. For example, a SOC 2 report example can be used to demonstrate compliance with HIPAA, PCI DSS, or other regulations.

SOC 2 reports are not mandatory, but they can be very useful in building trust and confidence in the security and compliance of a company’s systems and data.

If you are considering requesting a SOC 2 report, we recommend that you contact a qualified CPA firm to discuss your specific needs and requirements.

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